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A Rare opportunity + a great idea = success

This is a rare opportunity, the domain name is one of a handful of 2 letter .ORG domain names in existence. You can gain instant validation for your idea, project, or NGO with a great domain like

While the competition to stand out is fierce, there is a harder battle this domain excells at. Memorability. The domain is memorable because it’s short, it can be used to represent Non-governamental Organizations with the exact match acronym to the phrase.

$989000 USD for a limited time

I’m your Digital Asset Advisor

Hello, my name is Daniel. I’ve been involved in digital asset management for over a decade. My passion for domain names extends into helping others find great opportunities with domains. I’m honored to be a custodian for the domain, one of the rarest assets in the domain space. 

If you have questions or concerns about the acquisition process, please reach me. My goal is to deliver the asset safely and quickly. I love to work with Bitcoin, too. If the opportunity exists to transact in this denomination please let me know. The domain can be in your hands in a matter of hours with the power of Bitcoin.

The domain is available exclusively at Tailor Mark. Please direct offers to your lead advisor, Daniel Sanchez.

D. Sanchez

Domain Names are the most tangible digital assets available for commerce and information. They represent opportunity and growth for those who utilize them fully.

Daniel Sanchez – Broker

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