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Domains are the most tangible digital assets. Tailor Mark is a specialty naming agency that works to acquire, manage, and broker high value digital assets.

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Answers to Your Questions

Why is this domain reserved? 

Domain names are highly sought-after digital assets, our clients hire us to secure, manage, and broker some of the best digital assets in the world. 

How much can domain names cost?

Tailor Mark works with the top 5% of the premium market, it is highly competitive. The average investment range is 4-figures to 7-figures for the best digital assets.

How can I be sure the domain I’m buying is safe?

Premium domains require a added level of awareness. The domain you are buying should be kept at safe registrar, we work with the best registrars to ensure our clients are safe and protected. 

Can I get a domain for free?

Those planning to use a domain for Non-profits, school projects, blog ideas, or non-commercial applications are invited to find other alternatives. We work exclusively with digital assets applied to commerce.

Can I buy this domain?

Possibly, we park all reserved domains using this page. It is possible to communicate directly with the owners by submitting an offer for the domain that brought you to this page. We can also help you acquire domains that may not be actively listed for sale if your budget allows. 

Do I have to share a budget to expect a response?

Yes, we require a serious budget upon submission. We handle hundreds of inquiries per week and we prioritize those with a budget that aligns with the value of the digital asset in question.

How quickly should I expect to hear back after an offer is made?

Our team will contact you within a few minutes of making an offer. Please make sure you send serious offers only to avoid delaying the time of acquisition.

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